Mission Middle East

          Our main purpose is to demonstrate God’s love and advance the Great       

        Commission by promoting the Gospel and promoting wholeness, growth,

          and opportunities for Arabic-speaking communities in the UK and the 

                                                             Middle East.


Our mission is made up of myself Jan Niedojadlo and Carol Demian. We have been called into God’s vision and heart for the muslin nation. 

 Before Demian and I knew each other, the lord had been guiding us individually in the work of  sharing the gospel to the lost of the UK. Initially working with local UK and Romanian charities such as supporting and feeding the needy, including the homeless and youth outreach projects.


Then in 2014  Demian and I came together under Mission Somerset with the work of Ben Taylor.  This lead onto street preaching; directly engaging with people on the streets, door to door and getting into discussions about spiritual matters. By these means we found ‘people of peace’ - that repented of their sins and  eventually baptising and discipling them in their new life in Jesus. 


As I have said- In the last few years we have been called to work with the Moslim communities in northern Iraq. These are challenging and an unreached people where there is little or no evangelical work on the ground. 

We have just returned after a nine month tour in this region  - mainly in and around the city of Erbil. We carried on this direct engagement on the streets and doors but also visited outlying refugee camps-  where we staged musical events and creative art workshops as a means to share the gospel. 

We also identified areas of the city where refugees lived  - where we found Syrians without basic needs ie food and medicine which we helped out where we could. 

By these means we were able to establish relationships to pray and share the love of Jesus. 

As Jesus is mentioned in the Quran as one of the prophets; we were able to point out his relevance in God’s ultimate plan. Introducing Jesus from this angle through their known Quranic verses held their attention and curiosity to hear more with follow up visits. 

As 30-4O percent of the population speak English- so hearing an English speaker in the streets of Erbil inviting people into conversation about the bible and the Quran, literally drew crowds. 

To cut a long story short - in the nine months that we were there we of planted many seeds  i could safely say hundreds if not thousands of Moslim heard the gospel preached. 

Eventually the lord blessed our work us with 3 souls - that we baptised over those nine months. To date at least one man is carrying the work we started in his native Arabic tongue, until we return, God willing, in October 2022. 


That just leaves us with the job of finding partners to support us financially to return and set up a more permanent base in the region. 

If this speaks to you please pray for all the work that is touching t peoples lives. If you feel lead please support us with as little as the price of a cup of coffee or more - per month - please         

                                        prayerfully consider this as your monthly tithe.

                                                    Thank and bless all who read this.

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