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Art project

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

With the help of children at a refugee camp, near Mosul, we made an interactive pod sculpture.

Using old water pipes and builder’s netting we created a basic structure to then hang other colourful and textured materials.

This was a den-like pod for the children as a private hangout area or chill-out zone that has become very popular.

The teenager were very enthusiastic about the whole project as they have very little input or creative stimulation. It was wonderful to watch their faces with each new material that was introduced in the building process.

Part of the fun of making and building are the tools - so to their great delight and satisfaction they were able to use staple guns, glue guns, zip ties, plyers, hammers, drills to attach each new layer - loving all the different techniques involved along with way.

Although I wasn’t able to speak their language it was great fun working with them exchanging Arabic and English words. Art is a universal language so i was able to practically demonstrate the making and building techniques needed for the sculpture.

With some of the older children and class room assistants I was able to talk about my faith and the overall work in the Middle East of supporting and encouraging young people as they grow into young men and women.

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